1 - Download the Noiiz Player installer from the Noiiz website, located here.

2 - Open the download and run through the installer to install the player.

3 - Fire up your DAW, in this case we're using Ableton, then load up the plugin on an instrument or MIDI track. The Player will ask you to drag and drop a file or click to locate your instrument.

4 - Now you'll need to choose an Instrument to load within the Player. Choose an Instrument to download from the website, located here

The Noiiz Instrument library is always growing, so make sure to check back regularly for new content.

5 - Once your download has finished, simply drag and drop your instrument (.instr) file onto the Player, or click to locate the file. The player will open your instrument after a few moments, ready for you to play. 

💡Quick tip: You can replace an instrument by simply dragging and dropping another Instrument or preset over the Player.

6 - When you've settled on an Instrument, you have several parameters to help shape your sound and personalise it to your session. Try tweaking the filter and amp envelope to edit your instrument. 

7 - Click on the Space tab to access the Players Delay and Reverb effects. These can go from subtle short delays and small rooms, to cavernous ambiences and infinite repeats. Any settings you edit inside the Player will be saved with your session.

Now you're ready to start creating your next masterpiece. Try using different instruments together and changing the controls to sculpt your sound.

To ensure you have the up to date version of the Player, click the signal icon top right of the Player.

If you have any questions or feedback for us, you can message us here. 

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