1 - Download the installer from the website, located here.

2 - Open the download and follow the instructions to install the plugin. We also have install guides for Mac and PC.

3 - Open the plugin within an Instrument or MIDI track within your preferred DAW, for example Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools etc.

4 - Select the musical key of your project, so all sounds you browse are automatically pitch shifted to your chosen key. Magic! If you don't want this enabled, just leave it as is or click -.

5 - Try searching for some sounds! You can use filters to narrow down your search, add sounds to your own folders and even upload your own sounds for backup. 

6 - Clicking on a sound plays it back - you can also lock the plugin tempo to your DAW by clicking the chain link, and change the tempo with the tempo wheel. You can disable this feature by clicking the white dot. You can also change the pitch with the pitch wheel, regardless of whether you have selected a key or not.

7 - Once you have a sound you like, drag and drop the sound by dragging it from the bottom right hand corner of the plugin, and dropping it onto an audio track within your DAW. Any changes you've made within the plugin will be rendered to the file.

8 - Now you can start exploring more sounds, trying new ideas and layering sounds together!

If you have any questions or feedback for us, you can message us here. 

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