Every sound on Noiiz is different, and depending on its contents whether harmonic, rhythmic, one-shot, etc. you will find relevant information and attributes in the name to help identify it.


Below is an example of a piano sound in F minor with five attributes in the name, each separated by an underscore.

  • Loop tempo "124" 
  • Key/Chord "_Fm"
  • Descriptive Name & Instrument "_BrainDancePiano"
  • Variation "_02"
  • Pack ID "_357" 

The loop tempo is in BPM (beats per minute), and if the sound is in a minor key you will find an "m" after the note name. Tip! Find more variations of a sound by sorting the list alphabetically 👍

Additional Labels

The Noiiz Plugin allows you to manipulate sounds. The Pitch and Tempo/Speed can also be synchronised to the DAW project, resulting in additional labels being added to the filename when it's rendered.

Head to our Getting Started with the Plugin guide for more info!

Tempo and Pitch Increases

Imagine Noiiz is locked to your DAW tempo and a key is selected. You come across a sound named:


Originally at 92bpm, this E minor loop will instead be playing in your desired key automatically, and at the project's tempo. If dragged into the arrange window or a folder, the file will be renamed to something like:


Notice two suffixes have been added:

  • "-3" - a pitch increase of 3 semitones (to G minor)
  • "_120" - the new tempo

Pitch Decreases

Noiiz will use two dashes followed by a number to label a decrease in pitch. Here's how the previous example would look if tuned down a whole step to D minor:



So that's pretty much it, for now! I hope you've learnt some useful information about the file labelling. If you're enjoying Noiiz and would like any more help or tips, feel free to drop us a message or head to the knowledge base at http://learn.noiiz.com/. 😃

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